The Georgian Menagerie: reviewed in The Times today…

book review


About Dr Christopher Plumb

I am a cultural historian with an interest in exotic animals in eighteenth-century Britain. I recently wrote a book on the history of exotic animals in Georgian Britain. I am currently working on a cultural history of the zebra to be published in early 2018.
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3 Responses to The Georgian Menagerie: reviewed in The Times today…

  1. Sascha Loske says:

    Dear Christopher, I have read both your thesis and The Georgian Menagerie and was hoping to discuss a possible lecture or talk with you, but I see you are currently on the other side of the world. I am curating an exhibition on ‘Exotic Creatures’ in Georgian and Victorian Britain, opening in November at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Would you mind making contact by email so that I can pick your brains a bit? I have recommended your book as essential literature to be stocked in the Pavilion shop. My email is
    Thank you! Alexandra

    • Hello Alexandra,

      I would love to come and speak at the Royal Pavilion. I am back in the Uk in Dec/ Jan, so this may be possible depending on the Pavilion’s schedule. I will send you an email now. Best, Chris.

  2. Sascha Loske says:

    Sorry, the email is

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